Providing Correct Medical Care to Everyone.

Our Vision

Cake is a revolutionary online platform built to provide proper medical care to all people in need.

Our mission is for users to connect directly with government and medical institutions through the Cake platform to provide testing and treatments for specific illnesses at the right prices. By introducing medical institutions for treatment and sharing treatment, correct education, prevention, countermeasures, etc. for diseases, we will help to make a drastic improvement in the medical system.

Cake will help reduce information bias and transform the pandemic world of COVID-19 into a cleaner world by quickly delivering real, accurate information to government agencies.

Correct Offer Price

By managing everything within the Cake platform, no brokers or bad guys intervene. This makes it possible to deliver test drugs and vaccines to users at the correct price

Eradication of Copy Products

The Cake platform succeeds in distributing only genuine products by directly connecting government agencies with drug manufacturers and medical institutions.

This prevents copying products from being distributed and delivers only correct products to users.

Blockchain Transparency

The Cake platform uses blockchain technology by constantly monitoring governments, medical institutions, and all users with P2P, we can prevent fraud.

Creating a Database of Big Data

Traditionally, the data held by medical institutions has no room for government agencies or manufacturers to know.

The Cake platform manages the viewing authorities of all data by classifying them into hierarchies and it allows the institutions they really need to view the data they really need.

Improved Traceability

The medical industry does not tolerate delivery mistakes or delays in a one-minute or one-second battle.

All products that are involved on the Cake platform are recorded when and where they were produced, and by which route they arrived.

Smart Payment

Even people who do not have a bank account or a credit card can join the Cake platform and purchase Cake tokens.

We will realize a world where medical care can be received even by people who could not receive medical care until now.



Let’s create a new future together

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